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Can Shi

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About me

Since 2014, I have been conducting research in the field of vehicle-track coupled dynamics and the macro-mechanical behavior of ballasted railway tracks. In 2020, I completed my doctoral dissertation titled “Study on macro-meso dynamic mechanical behavior of railway ballasted tracks and infrastructure under vehicle loads" under the supervision of Professor Zhao Chunfa in the research group led by Professor Zhai Wanming at Southwest Jiaotong University. In 2021, I work as a postdoctoral researcher under the guidance of Professor Du Yanliang and Professor Ren Weixin at Shenzhen University, and conducted researches aobut the intelligent identification of ballasted track defects and vibration control of urban rail transit. Currently, under the leadership of Andréas Andersson and Raied Karoumi, I am engaged in research on the stability of ballasted tracks on bridges and the dynamic interaction between bridge and track.

My expertise lies in vehicle-track dynamics, structural dynamics and dynamic performance evolution, damage mechanisms of railway infrastructure induced by moving trains. I've conducted macro-meso analyses of railway ballast tracks and subgrades using the Discrete Element Finite Difference Hybrid Method. Subsequently, I integrated multi-body dynamic vehicle models into the ballasted track, establishing two-dimensional ballasted track transition models and three-dimensional vehicle-DEM ballasted-FDM subgrade models. These models allow for the study of dynamic mechanical behavior and settlement of ballasted tracks, interactions between tracks and vehicles, mechanisms between ballast layers and subgrades, and the effects of unsupported sleepers and rubber-mixed ballast on vehicles, tracks, and subgrades.

Profile picture of Can Shi