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Courtney Jane Adamson

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Om mig

My Phd studies are part of an international Belmont Forum project "Co-creation of sustainable food supply chains through Cooperative Business Models and Governance (CO-SFSC)". For the project, I am part of a "Sweden hub" working with practice partners in the region of Sörmland, Sweden, to observe and bring about change in the regional food system.

I am interested in placed-based transdisciplinary research focusing on processes connected to change in the day-to-day practices of actors within agri-food social-ecological systems. For my masters research I observed change processes in the context of organic farming and in connection to farmers' perceptions and practices in regards to soil health and the farm as a holistic system.

I am also interested in exploring the concept of social-ecological resilience, in particular, the dynamic capacities and practices enabling resilience.

Outside of PhD studies, I run a small-scale organic vegetable farm. In this capacity, I am part of practice-based project looking at developing a cooperative farming model by the name of "Murbruk" (a play on the Swedish word for agriculture, "Jordbruk"). The idea behind the model is to enhance the resilience of local small-scale organic farms by developing integrated and cooperative practices between farms at the point of production (i.e. shared crop planning, integrated sales channels etc.). Project website: https://www.murbruksmodellen.se/

Keywords:sustainability transitions and transformations, resilient local food production systems, rural development, agri-food systems, organic agriculture, environmental governance and institutions

Adamson, C. (2023). Soil health in principle and practice: a study of changing farmer perceptions and practices in the context of organic certification in Sweden. https://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:su:diva-218009