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Sylvia Crum

Profilbild av Sylvia Crum

Om mig

Sylvia is pursuing a Master of Sustainable Transportation, at the University of Washington (UW), in Seattle, Washington. She was awarded a Valle Scandinavian Exchange Scholarship, from the UW, to study active transportation with Dr. Fariya Sharmeen in the Spring / Summer 2022. Sylvia will conduct case study interviews as part of the Bicification project . She will also attend the VeloCity 2022 conference , in Slovenia. She is also looking for opportunities to immerse herself in the many transport modes, on offer, in Stockholm!

Sylvia is the Transportation and Mobility Director at Innovate Memphis. She oversees a transportation demand management program to encourage local businesses, employees, and students to shift away from drive-alone commutes.

Sylvia is married to an 8th grade math teacher and together, they have two children who walk and ride their bicycles to public school in Memphis, Tennessee. This fact is significant because most of her children's classmates are driven to school, every day. Sylvia's family will join her, for the summer in Stockholm, because they, too, want to ride the buses and trains and experience living in such a walkable city!!

In order to catalog and share her immersion in Sweden's sustainable transportation, Sylvia set up a blog that can be found here . In it, she shares pictures of transportation vehicles, infrastructure ... and pastries. An early impression was amazement at how every time she stepped into the road, motorized vehicles stopped for her! When bikes, scooters, pedestrians and motorized vehicles look out for and navigate around each other, the experience of moving through this city is so much less stressful that what Sylvia knows from her American context.