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Davood Babazadeh

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About me

I have done my PhD in the dep. of Electric Power & Energy Systems (EPE) at KTH - Royal Institute of Technology in 2017. Recently I joined OFFIS - Institute for Information Technology in Germany to continute my career out of KTH. I received my first degree in energy enigeering from Sharif University of Technology in 2008. Then, I have worked in the field of reliability analysis for four years. I recieved the second M.Sc. degree in electric power engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 2012. I have spent some times in University of Bologna, KU Lueven and ABB as visiting researcher. 


My areas of research are focused on power system operation and control. More precisely, the topics cover:

  • Operation of smart future transmission system, specially Super and HVDC grids 
  • Distributed optimization and control 
  • ICT infrastructures for power system operation
  • Real-time simulation modeling and co-simulation test-beds

Students / Projects

  • Arvind Muthukrishnan, "Selection of DC Voltage Controlling Station in an HVDC Grid".(ABB)
  • Alessio Tonti, " Multi-stage Network Processor for Control of HVDC grids". (University of Bologna) 
  • Hassan Fidai , "Real Time Implementation of DC Optimal Power Flow Calculator". (ABB) 
  • Alexander Karlsson, Rodrigo Gonzalez Hernandez , "Study the Performance of ICT Infrastructures for Control/Protection of Multi-Terminal HVDC grid" (ABB)
  • Farhad Friezadeh, "Distributed Ancillary Service Support for Independent AC-Areas Through Multi-Terminal HVDC Grid" 
  • Björn Johansson, William Knowles, "Traffic Modeling and QoS for WAMS". (Svenska Kraftnät)
  • Pedram Fathollahzadeh, Alfred Samuelson, "Design and Development of a Real-Time Distributed Platform for Advanced Power System Analysis"

Please refer to KTH DIVA to access theses documents.