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Deniz Demircan

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About me

Project Title

Green wood adhesives for particleboards



Academic background

MSc, Chemistry Department, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, 2006

Visiting researcher, Polymer Engineering Department, University of Akron, OH, USA, 2009

PhD, Chemistry Department, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, 2012

Researcher, Chemistry Department, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, 2012-2015

Postdoctoral researcher, Centre  for Analysis and Synthesis, Lund University, Lund, Sweden, 2015-2017

Postdoctoral researcher, Fibre and Polymer Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, 2017-

Peer-reviewed scientific publications.

2021 Xiaoya LiSedef İlkJavier A Linares-PasténYang LiuDeepak Bushan RainaDeniz DemircanBaozhong Zhang. Synthesis, Enzymatic Degradation, and Polymer-Miscibility Evaluation of Nonionic Antimicrobial Hyperbranched Polyesters with Indole or Isatin Functionalities. Biomacromolecules, 2021 22(5):2256-2271.

2018 D. Demircan, Rzayev Z.M.O. Novel colloidal poly(MA-alt-1-dodecene)-g-PEO/ODA-MMT/AgNPs nanohybrid composites as antimicrobial, antifungal and anticancer platforms. eXPRESS Polymer Letters, 2018, 12(8), 740-752.

2018 C. R. Arza, S. Ilk, D. Demircan, B. Zhang. New biobased non-ionic hyperbranched polymers as environmentally friendly antibacterial additives for biopolymers, Green Chemistry, 2018, 20, 1238-1249.

2018 E. Norström, D. Demircan, L. Fogelström, F. Khabbaz, E. Malmström. In book: Applied Adhesive Bonding in Science and Technology Chapter: Green binders for wood adhesives

2017 D. Demircan, S. Ilk, B. Zhang. Cellulose-organic montmorillonite nanocomposites as biomacromolecular quorum sensing inhibitor, Biomacromolecules, 2017, 18(10), 3439-3446.

2017 Z.M.O. Rzayev, B.A. Göçmen, D. Demircan, G. Kibarer. EPDM elastomer and biothermoplastic polyesters based silicate layered multifunctional nanocomposites incorporated with poly(MA-alt-a-olefin)-g-APTS-SiO2 NPs and PP-g-MA by reactive extrusion nanotechnology, Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering, 2017, 56(17), 1839-1856. 

2017 B.A. Göçmen, Z.M.O. Rzayev, D. Demircan, G. Kibarer. Multifunctional PP-based nanocomposites incorporated with organoclays, poly(MA-alt-1-dodecene)-g-SiO2 nanoparticles and bioengineering polyesters in melt by reactive extrusion. Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering, 2017, 56, 647-666.

2016 D. Demircan, B. Zhang, Facile synthesis of novel soluble cellulose-grafted hyperbranched polymers as potential natural antimicrobial materials, Carbohydrate Polymers, 2016, 157, 1913-1921.

2016 S. İlk, D. Demircan, N. Sağlam, Z.M.O. Rzayev, Immobilization of laccase onto a porous nanocomposite: Application for textile dye degradation, Turkish Journal of Chemistry, 2016, 40, 262-276.

2015 D. Demircan, G. Kibarer, Z.M.O. Rzayev, Preparation of Poly(MA-alt-α-olefin-C6,8,12,18)/Silica Nanohybrids via In-Situ Generated Nanofillers for Use as a Dual Function Organonanofiller, Journal of Chemical Sciences, 2015, 127 (11), 1993-2003.

2013 D. Demircan-Bozdogan, G. Kibarer, Zakir M.O. Rzayev, Functional Copolymer/Organo-MMT Nanoarchitectures: SelfAssembled Core-Shell Morphology of Poly(MA-alt-α-olefin)/Organo-MMT Nanocomposites, Polymer Bulletin, 2013, 70 (11), 3185-3200.

2012 D. Demircan-Bozdogan, G. Kibarer, A. Güner, Z.M.O. Rzayev, The Mathematical and Graphical Interpretation of Solubility Profile-Viscosity Behavior of Poly(MA-alt-NVP), Hacettepe Journal of Biology & Chemistry, 2012, 40 (3), 239–250.

2012 D. Demircan-Bozdogan, G. Kibarer, Z.M.O. Rzayev, Functional Copolymer/Organo-MMT Nanoarchitectures. XV. Interlamellar Complex-Radical Alternating Copolymerization of α-Olefins (C6-12) with Maleic Anhydride in the Presence of Reactive and Non-Reactive Organoclays, International Review of Chemical Engineering, 2012, 4 (2) 232-243.

2008 D. Demircan, G. Kibarer, A. Güner, Z.M.O. Rzaev, E. Ersoy, The synthesis of poly(MA-alt-NIPA) copolymer, spectroscopic characterization, and the investigation of solubility profile-viscosity behavior, Carbohydrate Polymers, 2008, 72, 682-694.

Profile picture of Deniz Demircan