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Diana Rwegasira

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About me

PhD Student at the Electronics Department, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

I work under Supervisor Prof. Hannu Tenhunen

My research focus is on Smart Grid under the iGrid Project with the research title  "Agent Based System for Enhanced Control and Monitoring  of a Solar Driven DC Microgrid"

The study will demonstrate the usefulness of autonomous agent based control and monitoring of a solar driven 48V DC microgrid for off grid community. The system will enable serving an off-grid community of 10-100 households which can be integrated in a high voltage AC/DC main grid when available. The system will manage the controlling and monitoring purposes as well as the capability of supplying power within the community. The cost of running the microgrid will be reduced through the majority to have the ability to share extra power they have to the microgrid (solar panel system). The prototype can be deployed to other renewable sources of energy such as wind and thermal energy type of the system. Hence, the benefits to the individual, electric companies, community and government at large.

My interest lies in control algorithms and optimization techniques,  Innovation aspects and Challenge Driven Education (CDE) learning approach