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Sandra Di Rocco

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A postdoc and a Ph.D position  in Applied Algebraic Geometry are now available at KTH, Stockholm, in the group of Sandra Di Rocco.

KTH offers a vibrant and stimulating environment with several active research groups, among which:

  • Geometry and Data
  • Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra
  • Combinatorics

Moreover the successful candidates will be active members of the AlToGeLiS consortium (KTH-Oxford-EPFL, MPI MiS, MIT).

Postdoc: or
Deadline: March 6 2023
Start date: September 2023, negotiable

Ph.D: or
Deadline: April 21 2023
Start date: august 2023

Both positions include some teaching duties.

Both positions are in "Applied Algebraic Geometry", where the term applied is interpreted as research in Algebraic geometry aimed at a better understanding of the shape algebraic models. Here you find a better description in the link: Algebraic Geometry of Data on the right.


I am a professor of Mathematics and the dean of the faculty of Engineering Science.

My research subject is Algebraic Geometry. Mathematics is the language and the logical process that explains the world around us. All shapes surrounding us can be locally approximated by a number of polynomial equations. How many? Do they have a special structure? Which numerical methods can be used to solve them? These are some of the questions at the heart of my research.


Degree Project in Mathematics, Second Cycle (SF278X), examiner | Course web