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Erik Holmgren

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As of the summer 2019, I work as a technician in the Albanova nanolab, and research quantum limited force sensing together with August Roos, and Ermes Scarano under the supervision of Prof. David Haviland.

I recieved my Ph.D. in the field of nanomagnetism and nanodevices in the Nanostructure Physics group in May 2019 with Prof. Vladislav Korenivski as my supervisor. The focus of my research was two-fold:

The study of the dynamic behavior of strongly coupled spin vortex pairs in synthetic-antiferromagnetic nanostructures at low and ultra-low temperatures.

My second project has focused on the fabrication and measurements of devices utilizing direct and indirect (RKKY type) exchange coupling and magnetic Curie transitions for use in novel memory and magnetocaloric applications.