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Anniversary Speaker, KTH Campus 100 år
Nominated speaker at KTH Campus 100th anniversary 50-hour long seminar marathon. My talk was given at 4am (!), the 19th of October 2017.


Researcher Dialogue, ForskarFredag 2017
Invited to do a researcher dialogue with a school class at ForskarFredag 2017-09-29. Presentation of my research and Q&A with students.

Invited speaker Valtech 2017
Invited speaker at lunch seminar, 2017-01-27. Talking about IT and sustainability and research at KTH together with Hanna Hasselqvist.

Panelist emPOWERed communities 2016
Invited panellist at the event emPOWERed communities at the Dome of Visions, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Arranged by Stand Up for Energy, 2016-04-14.

Invited speaker HiQ 2016
Invited speaker at a meeting on possibilities for collaboration, 2016-03-31. Talking about IT and sustainability and research at KTH.

Invited speaker, Södertörns Högskola 2016
Invited speaker at a higher seminar in research at Södertörns högskola, 2016-01-27. Talking about HCI and sustainability.

Invited speaker Spotify 2015
Keynote speaker at Spotify student event (Make IT matter), 2015-11-20. Talking about IT and sustainability.

Solforum 2014
Keynote speaker, presented the research project “Förnybar energi för alla” (Renewable Energy for Everyone) at an event hosted by Energimyndigheten (Swedish Energy Agency).

Almedalen 2014
Presented the research project “Förnybar energi för alla” (Renewable Energy for Everyone) at an event hosted by my research group. Attended the following panel discussion on the topic design and renewable energy. (

Dance Your PhD
Performance, 2013-06-14
Popular science interpretation of my doctoral thesis, performed at the annual summer party at the school of Computer Science and Communication, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Performed by me and a group of dancers. Video recorded.

Pilotplats Cykel
Presentation and participation in following workshop, 2013-11-29
Presented how user-centred design and evaluation could be used within the project of testing new solutions for better bicycling in Stockholm. The participants were from the municipality of Stockholm as well as invited groups of interests.

Saab Aero Järfälla
Presentation, 2013-10-09
Presented my research at the Swedish Defence Material Administration and the Swedish Armed Forces.

Presentation, 2012-02-02
Presented user-centred design and user involvement for employees at Stoneridge as well as invited guests from ICES (Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems)

Användbarhet i staten (Usability in the Public Sector)
Presentation at seminar, 2010-10-16
Invited speakers presented results from the projects funded by Satsa Friskt. This was part of my PhD project.

Media/Popular science

Vetenskapsradions veckomagasin, 2017-12-08
Interviewed regarding the research project ‘User-centred images of the future energy transition’ and the book ‘Vitiden – en energifiktion’ which was one result from the project. My interview starts at around 29:50.

Campi, “Fem minuter med…” podradio, 2016-08-24
”Vi lever inte i ett hållbart samhälle”, interview in Campi about the role of ICT in the sharing economy.

NyTeknik, 2014-09-17
”Fem skäl att skippa solceller”, our project Renewable Energy for Everyone was mentioned in a chronicle on photovoltaics.

DN, 2014-08-27
”Satsningen på solceller förlorar kraft”, our project Renewable Energy for Everyone was mentioned in a larger piece on photovoltaics.

Elinstallatören, 2014-02-25
“KTH-forskare jobbar för att främja solelen”, featured our project Renewable Energy for Everyone.

Sustainable Lens, 2014-08-15
Podcast on my teaching and research in sustainability and HCI.


(Updated 2018-03-27)

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