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Ellinor Hedberg

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Om mig

Ellinor recieved her M.Sc. degree in Engineering Nanoscience at Lund University in 2021, specializing in nanobiomedicine. She conducted her master thesis at the department of Immunotechnology in Lund, investigating drug-induced response and antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity of cancer cell cultures in a dynamic microfluidic system. 

Ellinor is currently a PhD student at the Division of Micro and Nanosystems at the School of Electrical Engieering and Computer Science at KTH. Here she works in Niclas Roxhed's group with WATCHPLANT - a Biohybrid System Technology Project. This is a collaborative EU project which consist of the development of a novel approach to conduct environmental monitoring through the creation of a sensor capable of measuring both environmental parameters and the corresponding physiological effect on plants.

Profilbild av Ellinor Hedberg