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Open positions - Thesis study

Topics: Vulnerability research

  • IoT hacking
    • Hardware hacking
    • Firmware hacking
    • Radio hacking
  • Car hacking
  • Smart home hacking
  • Mobile app pentest (e.g., BankID, Alltid öppet, SL, Tempus, etc.)

Topics: Forensics

  • Forensics applications  (e.g., BankID, Discord, Steam, Stremio, etc.)
  • Memory forensics
  • An interesting topic?

Topics: Artificial Intelligence

  • LLM hacking (Prompt injection)
  • Finding vulnerabilities in GPTs and plugins
  • Identifying malicious models on HuggingFace
  • Escaping rlhf protection - Fine-tuning LLMs
  • Building air-gapped LLMs


  • Subject: [25P1-Thesis]
  • Attach your CV
  • Attach your proposal


  • Selected candidates will be invited for interviews
  • Those selected for supervision will be informed within two weeks.

Tips: How to prepare a proposal

  • Read the literature
  • Select a few of studies to replicate
  • Think of how to improve what you implemented
  • Write your proposal


  • Talents from all (Swedish) universities are welcome
  • Bachelor's can apply as a pair

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