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Fatemeh Bakhshoudeh

Profilbild av Fatemeh Bakhshoudeh

Om mig

I have studied information technology and graphic design in Iran.

Working as a designer for seven years led me to experience different aspects of design such as designing urban billboards, logos and corporate identity, book and magazine covers, social media advertising, and User Experience. In 2021, I decided to focus on a specific area of design, User Experience Design, to bridge my background studies and experience. So I applied for the Interactive Media Technology program at KTH. To complete my studies and explore the world of technology beyond my homeland, I moved to Sweden. 

At the moment I am working on my master's thesis project which is about "Minimal Color-based Social Communication and Meaning-making Communication Practices". At the same time, I am working as a research assistant at KTH.

I am concerned with Equality, Sustainability, and Peace. I try hard to set my personal goals aligned with these values.