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Rutuben Rajeshbhai Gajera

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A passionate and ambitious doctoral student at the division of energy systems, with a focus in Environmental Engineering and specializing in the implementation of sustainable strategies for managing urban waste. I started on my academic path by pursuing a master's degree in environmental engineering, which allowed me to refine my abilities and expertise in addressing environmental issues using creative engineering approaches. As I transition into PhD research, I am currently actively involved in an outstanding project entitled "Towards Zero Waste through Circular Recovery Model - Lessons for Managing Municipal Solid Waste from Sweden and India."

The focus of my work revolves around the urgent requirement for sustainable waste management strategies, with a particular emphasis on municipal solid waste (MSW). My motivation emerges from the goal of incorporating sustainable, circular economy ideas into urban waste management to attain carbon neutrality and advance environmental preservation. My dedication to achieving sustainability is not solely based on theoretical knowledge; it is a manifestation of my profound concern for our world and the inheritance we pass on to future generations.


Originally from India, my educational and professional career includes a blend of unique and extensive experiences covering two continents. Upon the successful completion of my M.Tech. in Environmental Engineering from SVNIT, Surat, I obtained practical expertise and a deep understanding of the complicated nature of environmental issues, particularly in the context of developing nations. The knowledge and experience gained from my background has provided a strong basis for my ongoing PhD studies at KTH, a renowned institution recognized for its expertise in sustainability and environmental innovation.

Enrolling at KTH Royal Institute of Technology was a pivotal moment in my professional journey, providing me with the opportunity to participate in state-of-the-art research and work alongside esteemed authorities in the field. My PhD dissertation is focused on tackling current global waste management concerns. The objective is to transform the approach of cities in managing municipal solid waste (MSW), by using insights from Sweden and India to present a model that is ecologically sustainable, financially feasible, and socially inclusive. My roles include doing thorough research, creating sustainable waste management models, and collaborating with many stakeholders to encourage the implementation of bio-based circular economy ideas.

My professional background demonstrates my dedication to environmental engineering and my conviction in the transformative impact of education and research. As I pursue my doctoral studies, I am enthusiastic about the chance to have a meaningful impact in developing sustainable urban environments that can serve as a model for cities around the globe, encouraging others to adopt zero waste principles.

Profilbild av Rutuben Rajeshbhai Gajera