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Hanna Eggestrand Vaughan

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Doctoral student

I am currently on leave from my role as lecturer (Swe: universitetsadjunkt) at SEED and are instead pursuing PhD studies at the Division of Urban and Regional Studies (Department of Urban Planning and Environment).

The research project I am participating in is called Values in practice: Framing policy and planning for sustainable consumption and is funded by Formas. The study is based on previous research on how values ​​relate to a well-being and ecological footprints, and intends to critically explore different framings of “sustainable” consumption in Sweden in terms of what values ​​the initiatives engage. The overarching aim is to suggest how a shift in value orientation possibly could be achieved and how strategies for sustainable consumption could support intrinsic values, since such values seem more conducive to fundamental sustainability transitions.

I am also active within the research programme Mistra Sustainable Consumption - From niche to mainstream.

Supervisors are Pernilla Hagbert och Karin Bradley.


Lecturer (Universitetsadjunkt) (on leave)

Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED)

Focus: Industrial ecology and strategies for sustainable development.

I mainly work with various courses related to sustainable development at undergraduate and graduate level, primarily in the energy and environmental engineering programme and the master's programme in sustainable technology.


Degree Project in Energy and Environment, First level (AL127X), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Urban and Regional Planning, Second Cycle (AG212X), teacher, assistant | Course web

Transdisciplinary Approaches for System Innovations (AL2115), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Hanna Eggestrand Vaughan