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Current activities


· Associate Professor and Docent in Energy Technology, KTH

· Senior Scientist, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna, Austria

· Board Member, Renewable Heating and Cooling European Technology and Innovation Platform, RHC ETIP

· Impact Leader of School of Industrial Engineering and Management, KTH



Main responsible and examiner: “Energy Management

Main responsible and examiner: “Innovation and Entrepreneurships in Energy Systems

Course responsible and co-examiner: "Heat Pumps Technology"

Examiner: “Solar Energy for Buildings and Cities


Shortlist of ongoing projects

Project leader: Data driven lab for building energy systems

Project leader: Prosumer-Centric Communication for Solar PV Diffusion

Project leader: Smart Solar hybrid Solutions for sustainable European buildings 

Project leader: Building heating solutions in China


Shortlist of completed projects

Project leader: Solar energy and ground source heat pumps for Swedish multi-family housing

Project leader: Smart Control Strategies for Heat Pump Systems 

Project leader: Smart Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Heat Pumps


Other research projects in our group

Digitalization and IoT technologies for Heat Pump systems

Toward Sustainable (Fossil-free) Heating System in Small Residential Buildings


Energy Management competition


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  • Current activities