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Publications by Jens Hemphälä

Peer reviewed


J. Hemphälä and M. Eneberg, "Uncovering misalignments in the health- and elderly care system," Journal of Integrated Care, vol. 31, no. 5, pp. 117-128, 2023.
P. Lindskog, J. Hemphälä and A. Eriksson, "Lean Tools Promoting Individual Innovation in Healthcare," Creativity and Innovation Management, 2016.
P. Lindskog, J. Hemphälä and A. Eriksson, "Lean in healthcare : Engagement in development, job satisfaction or exhaustion?," Journal of Hospital Administration, vol. 5, no. 5, pp. 91-105, 2016.
F. Di Vincenzo et al., "Exploring the role of structural holes in learning : an empirical study of Swedish pharmacies," Journal of Knowledge Management, vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 576-591, 2012.
J. Hemphälä and M. Magnusson, "Networks for Innovation - But What Networks and What Innovation?," Creativity and Innovation Management, vol. 21, no. 1, pp. 3-16, 2012.

Conference papers

M. Magnusson et al., "Prioritisation of innovation project ideas - Differences between individual and group processes," in R&D Management Conference 2016, 3-6 July, Cambridge, 2016.
S. Nilsson et al., "Management controls and ambidexterity," in CINet 2015, Stockholm, September 11-13., 2015.
M. C. Annosi et al., "The dual control systems of agile teams : exploring knowledge management issues," in IFKAD 2014 : 9th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics, 2014, pp. 1907-1931.
J. Hemphälä, "An Empirical Test of the Importance of Knowledge Exchange for new Service Development in Swedish Pharmacies.," in The IPDMC conference in Manchester, UK. Hemphälä, J. (2012) Feedback and Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Presented at the EURAM conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands., 2012.
J. Hemphälä and K. Lund, "Creative climate and continuous improvement : An empirical test of the dimensions in the CCQ," in Proceedings of the 13th International CINet conference, 2012.
J. Hemphälä, "Feedback and Sustainable Competitive Advantage," in The EURAM conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2012, 2012.
F. Di Vincenzo et al., "Exploring the Role of Structural Holes in Learning : an Empirical Study of Swedish Pharmacies," in 2011 6th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD 2011) : Knowledge-Based Foundations of the Service Economy, 2011, pp. 185-204.
J. Hemphälä, "Feedback for Innovation : Exploring Multiple Modalities," in CINET conference in Aarhus, Denmark., 2011.
E. Gutierrez et al., "A method for designing processes for Project Portfolio Management," in Proceedings of the 8th International NordDesign Conference 2010, 2010, pp. 55-64.

Chapters in books

M. C. Annosi, J. Hemphälä and F. Brunetta, "Investigating the impact of agile methods on learning and innovation," in Learning and Innovation in Hybrid Organizations : Strategic and Organizational Insights, : Springer International Publishing, 2017, pp. 73-97.

Non-peer reviewed

Conference papers

J. Hemphälä and M. Magnusson, "Networks for innovation – but what networks and what innovation?," in The 11th CINet conference, 2010.


J. Hemphälä, "The Instrumentality of Talk : On the Creation of Sustainable Organizations Through Social Interactions," Doctoral thesis Stockholm : KTH, Trita-IEO, R 2008:05, 2008.
J. Hemphälä, "Exploring Sustainable Work Systems : An Interactional Perspective on Learning and Organizing," Licentiate thesis Stockholm : KTH, Trita-IEO, 2005:07, 2005.


M. C. Annosi, J. Hemphälä and M. Magnusson, "Investigating the impact of agile methods on learning and innovation," , IMIT Working Paper, 1, 2013.
E. Gutiérres et al., "Project Portfolio Management : research for improving practice," Stockholm : Royal Institute of Technology, 2009.
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