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Ingegerd Rosborg

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About me

I started my PhD studies in 1997. They were based on experiences from the acidification that affected southwest Sweden in the 1970s. The crayfish almost died out in our lake, pike and perch were not rejuvenated and spruce and pine were severely damaged. Finally, the well water was acidic, pH 5.8, copper dissolved and gave one of the children severe diarrhea. .

Then I started my PhD studies in 1997 and collected water and hair samples from women with acidic well water and compared them to basic ones. They also had to fill in a health survey. The results clearly showed that women with acidified well water had much lower levels of vital minerals in both water and hair and they had many times more health problems that arose while drinking from their water. Later, the women cultivated vegetables for me, which were then analyzed. It turned out that there was no difference between cultivated in acidified soils and alkaline, which pointed to the importance of water for their health and not the vegetables they cultivated.

Then I compared water and hair minerals in Parkinson's disease and women with fibromyalgia with healthy individuals.

Later studies included table water and municipal water, which showed great differences in mineral content. Two Swedish table waters were added with sodium and potassium salts and may be considered unsuitable for heart patients.

The dissertation was at LTH, Lund University of Technology, 2005. Currently, I am studying hair and water minerals at Möja together with Gunnar Jacks, where we analyzed water and hair before transition to desalinated water and will now do it again 5 years later, in order to see if any differences have occurred.

I am still the only one studying acidification, Acid Rain, and the impact on the body's minerals and human health, but hope not to remain the only.

When I worked at the University of Kristianstad on the Environmental Protection Engineering Program, I was a supervisor for several exam works

For the time being, in 2019, I am working on re-mineralization of desalinated water to reach healthy levels of at least some of the approximately 22 essential minerals. In addition, I work as a nutrition therapist and help people to better health with dietary supplements etc. supplements chosen generally after hair nutrient analysis. This helps the organs to build up. After 20 years I can state that it is a successful way to go to avoid health problems.

In collaboration with UCV, UtvecklingsCentrum Vatten i Norrtälje, projects and courses are carried out for people, organizations and companies that work with water in different ways,