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Educational Background

PhD in Industrial Ecology (2016)

The research focuses on addressing the challenges to current global waste management paradigm. The research utilizes life cycle thinking and systems thinking; and emphasizes on the need to recognizing various dynamic links between various socio-technical systems in order to optimize the physical resource management in the society. The research highlights issues regarding the system boundary, system complexity and data on resource use/waste generation. The research aims to propose a broader systems approach to resource management, based on a ‘strong’ conception of non-depletion of resources and zero-waste. 

Licentiate of Engineering in Industrial Ecology (2014)


This thesis identifies and discusses different sustainability challenges facing the global waste management system. The thesis argues that there is a need to recognise the multitudes of perspectives, cross-scale dynamics and actors’ interactions at various levels. The barriers and limitations to a systems-oriented management of waste generation including design, production, consumption and waste management are discussed. The study utilises soft systems methodology (by Checkland (2000)) within which different concepts and methods are utilised to present a worldwide view on resource dynamics and develop a research heuristic for sustainable resource management. The study emphasises the need for a shared vision among various actors across the chain of production and consumption. To assist better planning, the need for improved databases on resource use and wastes is emphasised.

The thesis can be accessed at:

Master of Technology in Energy Studies (2009)


Energy Studies is an inter-disciplinary research in various relevant aspects of conventional as well as non-conventional energy sources, with a main focus on different technological and economic factors for example, energy conservation, heat transfer, direct energy conversion, economics and planning of energy sources, energy auditing etc. 

Master Thesis Project: 

Energy Efficient Buildings 

One of the main aims of buildings is to provide internal environment where one can have visual as well as thermal comfort. This is partly provided by an energy efficient building design and/or by providing energy efficient end use devices. The master thesis project was focused on the design aspects of energy efficient windows for different Indian climatic zones.

Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering (2006)

Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering.

Project: Speed Control of Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic Controller using MATLAB Simulink

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