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ProtoWorld is a platform to develop distributed, urban and/or traffic simulations. It is a distributed, integrated and interactive urban simulation capable of integrating vehicular and pedestrian simulations. ProtoWorld contains interfaces to SUMO, Vissim, MatSim and integrates with custom pedestrian simulations. The integrated, complex simulation can be visualized and controlled through a Unity Interface. 

The code is licensed under GNU LGPL V3 ( Assets are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)( licence, unless otherwise mentioned. Other assets and models retain their original licenses. The code is available here.

ProtoWorld was developed at the Gaming Participatory Labs (GaPSLabs) at the School of Technology and Health (now CBH), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Huddinge, Sweden. Authors are Jayanth Raghothama, Miguel Ramos Carretero, Aram Azhari, Johnson Ho and Sebastiaan Meijer.

This platform was a result of my PhD thesis, with the goal to explore how to combine participatory and computational modeling, as well as explore how the expansion of complexity in the decision making space impacts cognition and decision making. 

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