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Joana Filipa Gouveia Fonseca

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About me

I'm part of the NetCon group with supervision by Karl H. Johansson and Jonas Mårtensson. Check my Licentiate thesis!

I'm also part of the network for women Ph.D. candidates, and PostDocs at KTH: WOP.

My Ph.D. work is on tracking and forecasting of algal blooms using satellite ocean data and USVs. My objective is to provide a better solution to track the worldwide environmental problem of algal bloom pollution in an autonomous way. I developed control protocols for multi-agent systems based on adaptive filtering and optimization. Currently, I seek to implement my protocols by analyzing all disturbances (wind, ocean currents, etc) and by evaluating their performance.

Within this topic, I'm currently supervising Master thesis students Mariam Garba, Jinglei Yue, Diogo Teixeira and intern Alexandre Rocha.

Contact me if you're interested in applying for a master thesis with me within the scope of my project.

Find my CV here.

I'm also very interested in equality, diversity and leadership research and I would be very happy to continue to read and work on it. Please don't hesitate to contact me, or other members of the WOP committee, if you have any questions, suggestions, articles, or ideas for our work.


Underwater Technology (SD2709), teacher | Course web