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Jan Gunnar Anders Persson

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Professor KTH Machine Design 1988 - 2009, professor emeritus 2009 -
Supervision of course projects, degree projects and doctoral projects, all carried out in industrial cooperation. Integrated course projects TED (Technology-Economy-Design) in  joint venture KTH-Maskinkonstruktion - Konstfack-Industridesign - Stockholm University-Marketing Academy. Some research areas: Engineering design and product development methodology, Eco-design for sustainability, Modeling and simulation, Robotics (parallel kinematic robots, etc.), Fuel cell applications, Fluid machinery.
Associate professor/senior lecturer KTH Thermal Engineering  1987 - 1988.

Previous industrial activities/employments; consultancy company SIKOB (later acquired by ÅF) with technical data processing in engineering design and production 1967-1972, Atlas Copco with pre-development, introduction of new technology and business development 1972 - 1987.
Own consulting company with assignments for industry and development companies, EU projects, and academic evaluations of research and doctoral education in Finland and the Baltic countries, from 1994.

Private activities and interests: Sailing, primarily in Northern European waters; jazz musician alto saxophone; construction of a vacation house at Bohus-Malmön. Widower since 2022 after senior physician-psychiatry Anna-Karin Aminoff; 2 children, 5 grandchildren.

Profile picture of Jan Gunnar Anders Persson