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PhD students

Rodrigo Vilela De Abreu

Kaspar Müller

Frida Svelander

Joel Kronborg

Former PhD students

Murtazo Nazarov [thesis]
Adaptive Algorithms and High Order Stabilization for Finite Element Computation of Turbulent Compressible Flow (2011)

Niclas Jansson [thesis]
High Performance Adaptive Finite Element Methods (2013)

Jeannette Hiromi Spühler [thesis]
Patient-Specific Finite Element Modeling of the Blood Flow in the Left Ventricle of a Human Heart (2017)

Niyazi Cem Degirmenci [thesis]
Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Fluid Structure Interaction Problems with Applications to Human Phonation (2018)

Van Dang Nguyen [thesis]
High Performance Finite Element Methods with Application to Simulation of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines and Diffusion MRI (2019)

Massimiliano Leoni [thesis]
Finite Element Simulations: computations and applications to aerodynamics and biomedicine (2020)

Former PostDocs 

Johan Jansson

Aurélien Larcher

Bärbel Holm

Former MSc students and visiting researchers in my group 

Oana Marin [thesis]
A Computational Study of a Finite Element Method for Two Phase Flow (2007)

Michael Stöckli [thesis]
A Unified Continuum Fluid-Structure Interaction Solver using an ALE Finite Element Method - An investigation on how to simulate blood flow (2007)

Alessio Quaglino [thesis]
Simulation of Collision Deformations - A finite element method approach in computer graphics (2007)

Niclas Jansson [thesis]
Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Large Scale Parallel Computing with DOLFIN (2008)

Matthias Aechtner [thesis]
Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Finite Element Modelling of the Human Heart (2009)

Vida Heidarpour Dehkordi [thesis]
Simulation of Incompressible Flow Around a Rotating Sphere (2009)

Zilan Cifti [thesis]
Evaluation of Finite Element Solvers for Acoustics (2010)

Mohammad Reza Mokhtari

Florian Rathgeber [thesis]
Automated Finite Element Computations in the FEniCS Framework using General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (2010)

Kenny Hedlund [thesis]
Wing-, cube- and aeroelastic simulations in Unicorn (2010)

Tobias Nilsson

Ashraful Kadir [thesis]
Geometric Shape Preservation in Adaptive Refinement of Finite Element Meshes (2010)

Pradeep Ramesh [thesis]
Numerical and experimental investigation of the effect of geometry modification on the aerodynamic characteristics of a NACA 64(2)-415 wing (2013)

Stephanie Strunk [thesis]
High performance adaptive finite element modeling of complex CAD geometry (2013)

Balthasar Reuter [thesis]
Coarsening of Simplicial Meshes for Large Scale Parallel FEM Computations with DOLFIN HPC (2013) 

Khan Raqib Mahmud [thesis]
Sensitivity Analysis of Near-Wall Turbulence Modeling for Large Eddy Simulation of Incompressible Flows (2014)

Peter Brune

The Thanh Truc Vu [thesis]
Testing and optimization of Unicorn Fluid-Structure Interaction solver for simulating an industrial problem (2014)

Mbah Chrameh Fru [thesis]
Development of a pipeline for patient specific finite element modelling of the left ventricle of the human heart (2014)

Sammy Khalife

Mohamed El Khalil Bellakrid

Rodolfo Núñez Uribe

Samir Selam

Tytti Saksa

Juha Jeronen

Hector Espinoza

Josef Nilsen

Carmen Alonso Montes 

Ezhilmathi Krishnasamy

Eric Schmidt [thesis]
Measuring the Speed of a Floorball Shot Using Trajectory Detection and Distance Estimation With a Smartphone Camera (2016)

Gökce Tuba Masur [thesis]
An Adaptive Surface Finite Element Method for the Laplace-Beltrami Equation (2017)

Isabel Hassler [thesis]
A predictor corrector method for a Finite Element Method for the variable density Navier-Stokes equations (2017)

Jacob Beran [thesis]
A Monolithic Finite Element Model for Fluid–Structure Interaction Problems at Low Reynolds Numbers with Application to Cell Mechanics (2017)

Georg Neumüller [thesis]
On Control and stabilisation of floating wind platforms with the help of CFD analysis and the Magnus effect (2017)

Patrik Barkman [thesis]
Grey-box modelling of distributed parameter systems (2018)

Tamara Dancheva

Zoe Slattery [thesis]
Quantitative Assessment in Sustainable Digital Urban Planning using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (2019)

Ajla Elmasdotter [thesis]
An Interactive Eye-tracking based Adaptive Lagrangian Water Simulation Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (2020)

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