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Johnny Villarroel Schneider

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About me

PhD Candidate

Programme:           Energy and Environmental Systems


Visiting address:     Brinellvägen 68

Energy Technology Department

Heat and Power Division

Royal Institute of Technology - KTH, Stockholm - Sweden


PhD Candidate at Heat and Power Division (EKV) of Energy Technology Department (EGI), KTH, Sweden.

Research in Energy Polygeneration field, modelling of Energy Systems.

Topic of Research: Multiservice Microturbine Plants

Rural electrification is a problem that governments still have to deal with, they have been working on it for many years in Bolivia as in other countries around the world, especially in developing countries; they have tried to achieve their targets, often with difficulties, however still remains much to do. With a broader perspective and in order to improve the quality of life of the people living under these conditions, without energy services, Multiservice Plants offer them more than only electricity, these plants that use Microturbines can also provide Heat, these two resources can be widely used in different applications. The Multiservice Plants can be installed in remote areas using Externally Fired Microturbines which allow the use of different energy sources as fuels (Biogas, Biodiesel, Syngas, Thermo-solar, Biomass, Liquid fuels, etc.). There is a global trend that considers the use of Decentralized Power Generation Systems which promotes to generate energy in the place of consumption, avoiding the energy losses due to the transport of energy from the big power plants, at the same time this small systems are capable of providing heating and cooling required not only for domestic use but also in the industrial and commercial facilities. On the other hand Internally Fired Microturbines can also be configured into Multiservice Plants, they are technical and economical attractive in some applications in Bolivia due to the availability of Natural Gas (currently the distribution of Natural Gas by pipelines in Bolivia is covering most of the populated areas), this Plants are a very good option for urban and semi-urban areas where can be used especially for commercial and industrial requirements.

Considering the environmental conditions of Bolivia, which vary greatly depending on the geographical region (Bolivia has hot humid, hot dry, cold, warm in lowlands and highlands regions according to the altitude respect to the sea level, etc.) for this reason it is possible to consider many different applications in which Multiservice Plants can fit, meeting the demands according to the energy requirements. As it has said above, Multiservice Plant may be able to provide electricity and heat, the latter in different configurations and with technical system combinations can be used to provide Heating (for houses), Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Clean Water, Water vapor Generation, Hot air for drying processes, etc. When the system provides more than two services it can be considered as a Polygeneration System. Some specific applications of these Multiservice Plants include: Hospitals, Hotels, Daily Farms, Greenhouses, Multi-familiar buildings, offices, Shopping centers, Supermarkets, Universities, etc. aside of the isolated villages in rural areas.

The energy needs that can be met with Multiservice Microturbine Plants are several and this project will develop energetic and economic analyzes for selected case studies which previously will be identified according to geographical regions of Bolivia. Also is considered the use of different computational tools to model and simulate different systems and scenarios.

Flowchart for the application of a Multiservice Microturbine Plant

(The Flowchart is on the Portfolio - right side of this page) 

Teaching Experience

Teaching assistant in Calculus IV – UMSS, Bolivia 2006 – 2009

Lab assistant in Automation & Control Lab – UMSS, Bolivia 2008-2009

Lab assistant in CAD-CAM (Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) – UMSS, Bolivia 2006-2007

Curriculum Vitae

PhD Candidate at Heat and Power Division (EKV), Energy Technology Department - Royal Institute of Technology, KTH,  2014-

Electromechanical Engineer UMSS, Bolivia 2008

Junior Electric Supervisor in Rural Electrification – ENDE - Empresa Nacional de Electricidad, Bolivia 2009-2010

Junior Electromechanical Engineer in Hydropower Plant – CORANI, Bolivia 2010

Maintenance Supervisor (Electric, Mechanic and Instrumentation) in Oil Refinery (Plant of Oil Lubricants) – YPFB – Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos, Bolivia 2011-2012

E&I Supervisor in Gas Plant PETROBRAS-YPFB - Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos, San Alberto-Bolivia 2013

Software skills:

Autocad, SolidWorks, Automation Studio, MasterCAM, Matlab, EES, MS Office.


English and Spanish