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Jing Jing

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About me

Jing Jing's work focuses on the rising phenomenon of urban loneliness and how the design, use and access to public space may impact upon it. She holds a PhD in the subject area of Planning and Decision Analysis, specialized in Urban and Regional Studies from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. She has a MSc (Sustainable Urban Planning and Design) from KTH and a MA (Environmental Design) from HUST Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China. She received a dual BA (Architecture and Engineering) from HUST.

Prior to KTH, Jing Jing has worked for more than a decade as a practicing architect SAR/MSA, urban designer, researcher and consultant. She has led work on diverse projects in China, Sweden and internationally, on topics ranging from industrial heritage conservation and renovation to urban parks development and regional planning for sustainable tourism. She is an expert and frequently invited lecturer on the built environment for children, and author of  the book The Built Environment for Children: The Stockholm Experience. She is also the assistant editor of the book In the Post-Urban World, Emergent Transformation of Cities and Regions in the Innovative Global Economy, which won the Regional Studies Association Best Book Award 2018.


Degree Project in Urban and Regional Planning, Second Cycle (AG212X), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Jing Jing