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Jonas Anund Vogel

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Since 2016, Jonas Anund Vogel holds the position as Director of the research center KTH Live-In Lab and leads a cross-disciplinary and industry-academia collaboration group of 11 persons, of which one is a full time project manager. He is also in various ways involved in all research projects performed at Live-In Lab (currently 20, and a total of 53 since 2015), making sure that the infrastructure delivers results, facilitates co-creation, and ensuring dissemination of research results (articles, interviews, site visits, workshops etc.). Jonas Anund Vogel has a technical and social science background formed by working both at industry and academia. He wrote his doctoral thesis on incentives for innovation in the construction industry while at the same time developing and constructing the cross-disciplinary research centre KTH Live-In Lab.

Jonas has a background as project manager in the construction industry. The knowledge from running complex projects both in the industry and academia led to that he in 2018 was awarded project manager of the year in Sweden. This for planning, producing, and running the complex test infrastructure in KTH Live-In Lab.

Current research projects:


KTH Live-In Lab offers something as unique as full-scale testbeds with everything from apartments in building-exempt premises to a changeable and scalable infrastructure. KTH Live-In Lab can match customer projects with researchers from relevant interest areas and create individual offers within the framework of each project. It also includes a user- and property database and a very valuable collaboration platform.


Buildings Post Corona is a collaborative project between Chalmers, KTH, Lund University and Umeå University. The project aims to support the construction sector in designing and maintaining sustainable buildings with a healthy and good indoor environment.


Degree Project in Energy Systems, Sustainability and Industrial Engineering, first cycle (MJ148X), teacher | Course web

Energy Systems, Business and Management (MJ2146), teacher | Course web

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