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Sladana Josilo

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About me

I received a Ph.D. from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in May 2020. Before that, I received an M.Sc. from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad in 2012.

My research addressed key questions in the area of resource management in edge computing systems. A list of my publications is available here.


  1. Best student conference paper award at the IEEE Sweden VT-COM-IT Joint Chapter for the paper „A Game Theoretic Analysis of Selfish Mobile Computation Offloading”, published at IEEE INFOCOM 2017 [pdf]
  2. Best poster award at IEEE INFOCOM 2018 for the poster „Decentralized Fog Computing Resource Management for Offloading of Periodic Tasks” [pdf]
  3. Best-in-session presentation award at IEEE INFOCOM 2017 for the paper „A Game Theoretic Analysis of Selfish Mobile Computation Offloading” [pdf]
  4. Recipient of the Program of Excellence of the KTH Electrical Engineering Doctoral Program
  5. Best student of the promotion of the Power, Electronic and Telecommunication engineering study program at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences
  6. Recipient of the EE School's Foundations Grant for the internship at Nokia Bell Labs

  7. Recipient of the EE School's Foundations Grant for INFOCOM 2018

  8. Recipient of the Ericsson Research Foundation Grant for INFOCOM 2017

  9. Recipient of the COST IC0902 Grant for Summer School 2013 on Cognitive Wireless Communications


  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Electrical Engineering, Thesis title: "Task Placement and Resource Allocation in Edge Computing Systems" [pdfKTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
  2. Licentiate of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Thesis title: "Decentralized Algorithms for Resource Allocation in Mobile Cloud Computing Systems"  [pdfKTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
  3. Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication Systems and Networks) - GPA: 10/10,  Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad (Serbia)

Scholarly Activities

  1. Co-organizer of Future Digileaders event for early-career female researchers in digitalization, November 2019, Stockholm

  2. Recognized Reviewer - Elsevier Computer Networks

  3. Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC)