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Antanas Karalius

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About me

My work revolves around dynamic covalent chemistry. I use various combinations of dynamic (often covalent) bonds to create chemical systems which would be responsive to chemical and/or physical stimuli. The linear combination of non-orthogonal dynamic reactions enables systemic responses such as triggered self-assembly, molecular motion, out-of-equilibrium buildup and breakdown of larger or more complex components. The challenges I seek to solve are how to make, predict, organize and classify complex dynamic systems. Parts of my work are oriented towards applications in biological systems and medicinal chemistry as well as fundamental understanding of the processes that living matter undergoes.

I am an Early stage researcher in Marie Curie Actions Innovative Training Network ResMoSys.

I am originaly from Vilnius Lithuania. I speak English, Swedish, Lithuanian (mother tongue) and understand some basic Russian, German and Humor. My hobbies include reading, growing plants and crafting small automation projects. On my free time I enjoy traveling, hiking, exploring nature and mountais. I am an aspirant climber and photographer.

Recent highlights:

  • Thesis out in daylight!

Responsive Molecular Systems through Dynamic Covalent Chemistry

for a physical copy

  • Formation and Out‐of‐Equilibrium, High/Low State Switching of a Nitroaldol Dynamer in Neutral Aqueous Media (link)

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