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Kateryna Morozovska

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Research focus:

My research is mainly focused on the applications of computational methods to solve large problems for energy system development.

Sustainable energy generation and efficient usage of materials are important for the development of modern society. Increasing the share of renewable power generation units brings additional challenges for the planning of power networks, together with the challenges come new, more effective ways of utilization of power devices and planning energy systems.

One of the approaches we are using in our work is physics-informed learning. The project titled "Using Physics-Informed Machine Learning for reusing power system components" has received funding support from Vinnova and has started in November 2021, for the results please see our website.

Latest work on PINNs here.


I have completed Bachelors and Masters in Electrical mechanics from the Zaporizhzhya National Technical University in Ukraine December 2013. In September 2013 I started European Energy Masters programm with mobility in Denmark Technical University, TU Delft and Norwegian University of Science and Technology. I have started a PhD project on Dynamic Rating at KTH in September 2015. I have obtained Licentiate from KTH in 2019 and PhD also from KTH in 2020 Topic: "Dynamic rating for applications in renewable energy". After 1 year postdoctoral stay in the Division of Electromagnetic Engineering, I have started as a Researcher in the Division of Computational Science and Technology