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Harm Lameris

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My name is Harm Lameris, and I am a doctoral student at the Division of Speech, Music & Hearing (TMH). I am interested in speech synthesis, especially in the aspects of prosody and voice quality, as well as low-resource and messy data scenarios. Specifically, I use spontaneous speech data to model naturalistic speech phenomena, such as creaky voice, in synthesized speech using state-of-the-art neural speech-synthesis architectures. My supervisors are Joakim Gustafson and Éva Székely. Find out more about the Connected project that my PhD is a part of here.

I have a background in linguistics and NLP. I hold a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in English linguistics from the University of Groningen and a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Language Technology from Uppsala University. I have a general interest in languages, and speak Dutch, English, and Swedish at working proficiency, and I have knowledge of languages including Russian and Arabic.

I have supervised master's students and am open to supervising more. Please contact me, especially if you are interested in speech technology, speech science, or NLP.

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