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Laura Marimon Giovannetti

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I started working in SSPA (now RISE Maritime) in October 2019 and have been an affiliated faculty member to KTH since 2022. I previously graduated from the University of Southampton in 2013 with an MEng in Yacht and small crafts with a first class (hons) degree. I then carried on with my research during my PhD based both at the University of Southampton and in the British Americas’ Cup Challenger (Land Rover BAR). My PhD was based on both fluid structure interaction numerical investigations and experimental analysis of a flexible wing/foil. I finished my PhD in early 2017 and worked as a PostDoc at the University of Southampton in the Sport Performance Laboratory as a project manager/engineer for a number of sport-related projects. Whilst working as a PostDoc, I carried on an Olympic campaign as a NACRA 17 sailor for the British Sailing Team. 

Since coming to Sweden in 2019, I have worked on mainly three areas:

  • wind assisted propulsion, with numerical and expermental campaigns for hydro and aerodynamics
  • fluid structure interaction analysis of foiling crafts
  • sport engineering, with a number of projects for the Swedish Olympic Committee and the Swedish Sailing Team
Profile picture of Laura Marimon Giovannetti