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Thomas Lettner

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About me

In January 2022 I have received the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the subject area of Physics specialized in Optics and Photonics from KTH. Originally, I grew up in Austria in a small city called Traun which is not far from Linz. In 9th grade I switched to the higher technical college in Traun and specialized in Information- and Communication Technology. Starting 2008 I studied Technical Physics at the Johannes Kepler Universität in Linz and graduated with an Engineer's Degree in 2015. After spending already an exchange semester at the Luleå Technical University I decided in 2016 to move to Stockholm for my doctoral studies in the Quantum Nnano Photonics group under the supervision of Prof. Val Zwiller. I continued in the group as a Researcher until August 2022, after which I have moved back to Austria.

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Profile picture of Thomas Lettner