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Mattias Åstrand

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About me

I am an Italian and Swedish physicist with a master's degree in nanoscience.

With my doctoral studies at KTH I have shifted my focus to X-ray optics.

As an experienced cleanroom user, I put my skills to use in the design and nanofabrication of Fresnel zone plates (diffractive optics). Together with my group, we implement these in novel setups for multi-beam difraction imaging, collaborating with the NanoMAX beamline staff (MAX IV) and the P06 group (PETRA III, DESY).

I have been the chairman of the SCI PhD student council throughout 2022 and 2023. Now, I am engaged in the PhD Chapter (THS) as Event Manager and organize activities that are welcomed by fellow PhD students as they help to promote better social life, networking, mental and physical health.

I actively share my experience in student representation with students that are new to this and am active within KTH's language committee, where I try to improve conditions for non Swedish-speaking PhD students and make sure that they are offered the same opportunities within KTH as Swedish-speaking students.


X-ray physics and applications (SK2551), assistant | Course web

Profile picture of Mattias Åstrand