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Maria Engman

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As an HR officer I work with matters related to labor law in recruitment, ongoing employment and termination of employment. I handle cases in the recruitment process of Phd students, Postdoctors, Researchers, Technical and Administrative staff at EECS and is the contact to central KTH in these matters.

See intra.kth.se/eecs for matters related to HR at EECS, or e-mail to Service center is first line for all service and support, you can always turn to Service center with your questions, .

The HR unit is working both strategically and operationally to support EECS school managers in organizational issues such as recruitment, employment and termination of employment, as well as the gender equality and diversity, equality, work environment, and environmental issues. The unit also supports managers and employees in HR matters such as salary details, absence reporting, hourly employment, scholarships, insurance and pension issues. We work both within the EECS school and externally with other parts of KTH.

Profilbild av Maria Engman