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Publications by Michael Alan Martin



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Elnour, M., Haller, H. & Martin, M. A. (2022). Life cycle assessment of a retail store aquaponic system in a cold-weather region. Frontiers in Sustainability, 3.
Akhtar, N., Bokhari, S. A., Martin, M., Saqib, Z., Khan, M. I., Mahmud, A. ... Amir, S. (2022). Uncovering Barriers for Industrial Symbiosis : Assessing Prospects for Eco-Industrialization through Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Developing Regions. Sustainability, 14(11), 6898.
Molin, E., Martin, M. & Björklund, A. (2021). Addressing Sustainability within Public Procurement of Food : A Systematic Literature Review. Sustainability, 13(23).
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Martin, M., Heiska, M. & Björklund, A. (2021). Environmental assessment of a product-service system for renting electric-powered tools. Journal of Cleaner Production, 281.
Martin, M. & Bustamante, M. J. (2021). Growing-Service Systems : New Business Models for Modular Urban-Vertical Farming. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 5.
Martin, M. A., Poulikidou, S. & Molin, E. (2019). Exploring the Environmental Performance of Urban Symbiosis for Vertical Hydroponic Farming. Sustainability, 11(23).


Martin, M., Bustamante, M. J. (2022). Creating expectations and controversies for urbanvertical farming. In XXXI International Horticultural Congress, Ihc2022: International Symposium On Urban Horticulture For Sustainable Food Security, Urbanfood2022. (pp. 17-23). International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS).
Finnveden, G., Arvidsson, R., Björklund, A., Guinée, J., Heijungs, R., Martin, M. (2022). Six areas of methodological debate on attributional life cycle assessment. In E3S Web of Conferences. (pp. 03007-03007). EDP Sciences.

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D'Adamo, I., Falcone, P. M., Martin, M. & Rosa, P. (2020). A Sustainable Revolution : Let's Go Sustainable to Get Our Globe Cleaner. Sustainability, 12(11).


Molin, E., Lingegård, S., Martin, M., Björklund, A. (). Sustainable public food procurement : actors’ role and influence. (Manuscript).
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