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Supervision and Examination Activities

Updated on June 18, 2024 by Mario Romero.

Doctoral Supervision

  1. Iop, Alessandro - 2022 - 2027 (expected) - Design and Evaluation of Extended Reality Systems Enhancing Surgical Training - in progress as of June 2024.

    1. Buwaider A, El-Hajj V, Mahdi O, Iop A, Gharios M, de Giorgio A, Romero M, Gerdhem P, Jean W, Edström E & Elmi-Terander A. Extended reality in cranial and spinal neurosurgery – a bibliometric analysis. Acta Neurochirurgica 166, 194 (2024). Publisher LinkDiVA

    2. Iop A, Viberg O, Francis K, Norström V, Persson DM, Wallin L, Romero M, Matviienko A. Exploring the Influence of Object Shapes and Colors on Depth Perception in Virtual Reality for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical Training. 2024 ACM CHI conference (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA). CHI Proceedings.

    3. Buvari S, Viberg O, Iop A, Romero M, "A student-centered learning analytics dashboard towards course goal achievement in STEM education,"  in Responsive and Sustainable Educational Futures : 18th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2023, Proceedings, 2023, pp. 698-704. DiVA.

    4. Iop A, Viberg O, Elmi-Terander A, Edström E, Romero M. On Extended Reality Objective Performance Metrics for Neurosurgical Training. In: Responsive and Sustainable Educational Futures : 18th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2023, Proceedings [Internet]. Springer Nature; 2023. p. 573–9. Available from DiVA.

    5. Iop A, El-Hajj VG, Gharios M, de Giorgio A, Monetti FM, Edström E, Elmi-Terander A, Romero M. Extended Reality in Neurosurgical Education : A Systematic Review. Sensors [Internet]. MDPI; 2022;22(16). Available from DiVA.

Postdoctoral Supervision

  1. Guarese, Renan - 2024 - 2026 - visualizing data-driven digital twins of pharmaceutical packaging lines for predictive maintenance with AstraZeneca - Project SMART.

Doctoral Co-Supervision

  1. Rey, Rémy Jean Francis - 2024 - Visualizing power grid balancing - in progress as of March 2024.

  2. Hasselqvist, Hanna - 2018 - Designing for shared energy responsibility - Download full text (pdf)

  3. Gomez, Paula - 2017 - Spatiotemporal occupancy in building settings - Download full text (pdf)

  4. Heyman, Susanna  - 2017 - Visualizing Financial Futures - Download full text (pdf)

Licentiate Co-Supervision

  1. Rauh, Sebastian - 2017 - Exploring the Potential of Head Worn Displays for Manual Work Tasks in Industrial Environments - Download full text (pdf)

Completed Master Thesis Examination

Total: 32 independent theses, advanced Master level - 2 years, 30 HP credits. Links to DiVA records.
  1. Heyman, Hugo - 2024 - Enabling geospatial hybrid-collaboration on a multi-user touch interface through hand-chord based interaction - Download full text (pdf)

  2. Danielsson, Alexander - 2023 - Spatialized Sonification for the Learning of Surgical Navigation - Download full text (pdf)

  3. Wippich, Max - 2023 - Effects of Virtual Reality and Trajectory Visualization on Neurosurgical Training - Download full text (pdf)

  4. Wrife, Andreas - 2023 - Comparative Analysis of Spatiotemporal Playback Manipulation: Evaluating Desktop Environments versus Immersive Head-Mounted Virtual Reality Environments - Download full text (pdf)

  5. Buvari, Sebastian - 2023 - Facilitating Student Achievement of Intended Learning Outcomes in Higher Education: Development and Evaluation of a Learning Analytics Dashboard - Download full text (pdf) - related paper:

    1. S. Buvari et al."A student-centered learning analytics dashboard towards course goal achievement in STEM education," in Responsive and Sustainable Educational Futures : 18th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2023, Proceedings, 2023, pp. 698-704.

  6. Le Tullier, Octav - 2023 - Visualizing pediatric obesity data to determine treatment strategy effectiveness and improvements - Download full text (pdf)

  7. Wagnerberger, Larissa - 2023 - Asymmetrical Collaboration in VR and the Impact of Embodiment during a Guided Procedural Learning Task - Download full text (pdf)

  8. Yuan, Renyi - 2023 - Human Digital Shadow: A Conceptual Model for Quantifying Wheel Loader Operator’s Behaviors - Download full text (pdf)

  9. Huang, Yuxuan - 2022 - AR Shopping List: Exploring the Design Space of Smart Glasses to Allow Real-time Recording with Multiple Input Formats - Download full text (pdf)

  10. Su, Siyuan - 2022 - Support in-video content searching and result visualization of the flipped classroom  Download full text (pdf)

  11. Narayanan, Bharat - 2022 - Improving active listening behaviours of embodied conversational agents (ECA) from a UX perspective - Download full text (pdf)

  12. Ratnasari, Ria - 2022 - Information Visualization of Automated Deep Learning Platform Output - Download full text (pdf)

  13. Larsson, Mattias - 2022 - PythonVis: Software Visualisation in Virtual Reality for Program Comprehension - Download full text (pdf)

  14. Häger, Alvin - 2022 - Adapting the PIC/FLIP fluid simulation method to produce a LEGO water animation & evaluating its performance - Download full text (pdf)

  15. Hu, Ya Ting - 2022 - Features as Indicators for Delirium: An Application on Single Wrist-Worn Accelerometer Data from Adult Intensive Care Unit Patients - Download full text (pdf)

  16. Svedhag, Carl - 2021 - Animated 2D Visualization of Evolving Trees: A Temporal Treemap Approach - Download full text (pdf)

  17. Li, Tianyou - 2021 - 3D Representation of EyeTracking Data: An Implementation in Automotive Perceived Quality Analysis - Download full text (pdf)

  18. Hindersson, Tobias - 2021 - Scatterplot Patterns: Using animation to enhance scatterplots - Download full text (pdf)

  19. Johansson Brundell, Emma - 2021 - Usability for spreadsheets containing data from interactive presentations - Download full text (pdf)

  20. Ramirez, Jonathan - 2020 - Designing Informative Art visualizations to explore invisible software processes in the web browser - Download full text (pdf)

  21. Hadiwijaya, Aditya Gianto - 2020 - User-centred Design for Input Interface of a Machine Learning Platform - Download full text (pdf)

  22. Axelsson, Natalie - 2020 - Depth of Field Rendering from Sparsely Sampled Pinhole Images - Download full text (pdf)

  23. Markström, Ingemar - 2019 - Comparing normal estimation methods for the rendering of unorganized point clouds - Download full text (pdf)

  24. Kasperi, Johan - 2017 - Occlusion in outdoor Augmented Reality using geospatial building data - Download full text (pdf) - related paper:

    1. J. Kasperi, M. Picha Edwardsson and M. Romero, "Occlusion in outdoor Augmented Reality using geospatial building data," in VRST '17 Proceedings of the 23rd ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology, 2017.

  25. Wang, Hao - 2017 - A new scheme for training ReLU-based multi-layer feedforward neural networks - Download full text (pdf)

  26. Ljungström, Erica - 2017 - Analysing tool connectivity through enterprise architecture with emphasis on user experience - Download full text (pdf)

  27. Bogdanov, Daniil - 2017 - The development and analysis of a computationally efficient data driven suit jacket fit recommendation system - Download full text (pdf)

  28. Lindström, Daniel - 2017 - Visualizing future buildings: User-centered design process and evaluation a sensor-based MAR prototype - Download full text (pdf)

  29. Liljeqvist, Fredrik - 2016 - Live-streaming as a marketing channel in the Swedish music industry - Download full text (pdf)

  30. Wang, Lan - 2016 - Towards Enhancing Human-robot Communication for Industrial Robots: A Study in Facial Expressions Mot Förbättra Människa-robot Kommunikation för Industrirobotar : En studie i ansiktsuttryck - Download full text (pdf)

  31. Rigo, Riccardo - 2016 - World of Workraft: a step towards the gamification of industrial control systems for future operators - Download full text (pdf)

  32. Klöfver, Gunnar - 2016 - Investigating the future of fixed broadband in Swedish households: How technological and behavioral development will affect the fixed broadband consumption in Swedish households - Download full text (pdf)

Completed Master Thesis Supervision

Total: 75 independent theses, advanced Master level - 2 years, 30 HP credits. Links to DiVA records where avaialable.
  1. Söderberg, Ella - 2022 - Visualizing sustainability performance indicators of IT products effectively and correctly in a single display: A user study on visualizations of benchmarking data - Download full text (pdf)

  2. Buckard, Kajsa - 2022 - Hybrid Rendering in 3D Map-Based Grand Strategy Games - Download full text (pdf)

  3. Zhang, Yufei - 2022 - Art Value Experience: An Immersive Procedural Content Generation Tool for Personal Visualization of Meaningful Numbers - Download full text (pdf)

  4. Sonebo, Christina - 2022 - A Dashboard For Monitoring Of Online Media Applications: Presenting Microservice Monitoring Data To Non-Developers - Download full text (pdf)

  5. Winge, Björn - 2021 - A shared physical workspace at a distance - Download full text (pdf)

  6. Bakhuizen, Ellinor - 2021 - Audible Healthcare Online: Towards Online Digital Healthcare Services Accessible for Users of Screen Readers - Download full text (pdf)

  7. Wieslander, Johan - 2021 - Digitizing notes using a moving smartphone: Evaluating Oriented FAST and Rotated BRIEF (ORB) - Download full text (pdf)

  8. Gabrielsson Setterwall, Robin - 2021 - Evaluating information visualization's impact on prostate cancer research workflow - Download full text (pdf)

  9. Forsberg, Lovisa - 2021 - From static reports to interactive visualizations: Increasing user engagement and enabling exploratory analysis by visualizing data-driven insights - Download full text (pdf)

  10. Tärning, Jacob - 2021 - Giving the Audience a Perspective: Investigating the opportunities and challenges of introducing independent audience controlled cameras to a collaborative virtual environment . Download full text (pdf)

  11. Bengani, Arham - 2021 - Pointing Techniques in AR: Design and Comparative Evaluation of Two Pointing Techniques in Augmented Reality - Download full text (pdf)

  12. Woxler, Platon - 2021 - Efficient generation and rendering of tube geometry in Unreal Engine: Utilizing compute shaders for 3D line generation - Download full text (pdf)

  13. Hedenqvist, Clarissa - 2020 - Augmented Reality-Enhanced Learning: An evaluation of the possibilities of improving learning of Mechanics through an Augmented Reality application - Download full text (pdf) - related paper:

    1. C. Hedenqvist, M. Romero and R. Vinuesa, "Improving the Learning of Mechanics Through Augmented Reality," Technology, Knowledge and Learning, 2021.

  14. Zhang, Tianli - 2020 - FOLAR: A FOggy-LAser Rendering Method for Interaction in Virtual Reality - Download full text (pdf)

  15. Yu, Haisheng - 2020 - Training novice robot operators to complete simple industrial tasks by using a VR training program - Download full text (pdf)

  16. Strid, Erik - 2020 - Visualizing simulations of heavy duty vehicle platooning: A participatory design study - Download full text (pdf)

  17. Monteiro Melo, Kauã - 2020 - The impact of body-movement-based interaction on engagement of peripheral information displays: A case study - Download full text (pdf)

  18. Jensen, Linn - 2020 - Usability Evaluation of AWS Quicksight for Real-Time IOT Data - Download full text (pdf)

  19. Bode, Maxim - 2019 - Evaluation of an Augmented Reality Assisted Manufacturing System for Assembly Guidance - Download full text (pdf)

  20. Adaszynski, Wojciech - 2019 - Interactive visualization of radio waves propagation in 5G massive MIMO - Download full text (pdf)

  21. Karlsson, Adam - 2019 - Mixed Reality Displays in Warehouse Management: A study revealing new possibilities for Warehouse Management and Tangar - Download full text (pdf)

  22. Duque, Fredd - 2019 - Six DOF tracking system based on smartphones internal sensors for standalone mobile VR - Download full text (pdf)

  23. Mataruga, Danilo - 2019 - Statistical Analysis and Evaluation of the 6DOF-utilization of a Handheld Augmented Reality Museum Application - Download full text (pdf)

  24. Cöster, Jonatan - 2019 - The effects of shadows on depth perception in augmented reality on a mobile device - Download full text (pdf)

  25. Lê, Mai-Khanh - 2019 - Usability evaluation of a visualization system for urologists - Download full text (pdf)

  26. Aditya Wardana, I Wayan Kurniawan - 2019 - Visualizing Error in Real-Time Video Streaming Data for a Monitoring System - Download full text (pdf)

  27. Funkquist, Martin - 2019 - Study of the impact and usage of an audience engagement tool at live events, Download full text (pdf)

  28. Camacho, Sonia - 2019 - Gamified Learning of Software Tool Functionality: Design and implementation of an interactive in-app learning interface for complex software - Download full text (pdf)

  29. Nayyar, Raghu - 2018 - Visualising Autonomous Warehouse Data Streams Through User-Centered Design - Download full text (pdf)

  30. Adrup, Joakim - 2018 - Visualization and Interaction with Temporal Data using Data Cubes in the Global Earth Observation System of Systems - Download full text (pdf)

  31. Fan, Yiming - 2018 - Presentation Slides Recommender System Design - Download full text (pdf)

  32. Villanueva Aylagas, Mónica - 2018 - Reconstruction and recommendation of realistic 3D models using cGANs - Download full text (pdf) - co-supervised.

  33. Lindahl, Lukas - 2018 - Representing Three-Dimensional Airspace on a Two-Dimensional screen: Visualizing altitude information on a radar screen for a decreased cognitive load - Download full text (pdf)

  34. Tolman, Jim - 2018 - Evaluation of a Multi-User Virtual Reality System for Collaborative Layout Planning Processes - Download full text (pdf)

  35. Xu, Yinan - 2018 - Exploring the benefits and challenges of AR in an outdoor tourism experience - Download full text (pdf)

  36. Chen, Ni - 2018 - A case study on the effect of narrative in augmented reality experiences in museums - Download full text (pdf)

  37. Nevalainen, Susanna - 2018 - A Comparative Study of Monitoring Data Center Temperature Through Visualizations in Virtual Reality Versus 2D Screen - Download full text (pdf)

  38. Kesten, Victor - 2018 - An evaluation on how interactive visualizations can enhance a brewer's cognition of brewing data  - Download full text (pdf)

  39. Sochorová, Šárka - 2018 - Production-Ready pipeline for Example-Based Stylization of Animated Sequences - Download full text (pdf) - co-supervised.

  40. Lönnerberg, Mattias - 2017 - Cutting Tetrahedra: Affordances and Limitations of Using Virtual Reality Visualization for Tetrahedral Cutting - Download full text (pdf)

  41. Backman, Carl-Johan - 2017 - Discovering Data-Driven Stories: A Case Study - Download full text (pdf)

  42. Lando, Emilio - 2017 - How Augmented Reality Affects the Learning Experience at a Museum - Download full text (pdf)

  43. Tornérhielm, Ebba - 2017 - Swipe the Right Books: How swipe gestures can affect a book recommendation system - Download full text (pdf)

  44. Roa Rodríguez, Rodrigo - 2017 - Tiling heuristics and evaluation metrics for treemaps with a target node aspect ratio - Download full text (pdf)

  45. Chen, Céline - 2017 - Transitioning towards a Single Page Application for a fashion e-commerce: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the transition's impact on business performance - Download full text (pdf)

  46. Bronge, Erica - 2017 - Visualization of Feature Dependency Structures: A case study at Scania CV AB - Download full text (pdf)

  47. Whittaker, Kevin - 2017 - Visualizing Probabilistic Demographic Predictions in Swedish Municipalities: A Multidimensional Broad Intermediate-term Case Study - Download full text (pdf)

  48. Schmitz, Lisa - 2017 - A comparative study of tracking methods for a guided walking city tour in outdoor spaces for tourists through AR on smartphones - Download full text (pdf)

  49. Xu, Yinglai - 2017 - Fluid Interactive Information Visualization: A Visualization Tool for Book Recommendation - Download full text (pdf)

  50. Nothnagel, Terese - 2017 - Impact of using mixed reality visualization to augment the exploration and analysis of water contamination events in a simulated car engine - Download full text (pdf)

  51. Qiu, Yuchen - 2017 - Measuring the Differences Between Head and Gaze Orientation in Virtual Reality - Download full text (pdf)

  52. Klava, Anton - 2017 - Behavioural session clustering from sequences of user actions - Download full text (pdf)

  53. Häggvik, Adrian - 2017 - Anymaker AR - Augmented reality as a mean to improve 3D sketching in digital space - Download full text (pdf)

  54. ter Vehn, Pontus - 2016 - Visualizations for simulation-based training: Enhancing the evaluation of missile launch events during after-action reviews of air combat simulation - Download full text (pdf) - related paper:

    1. S. Aronsson et al."Supporting after action review in simulator mission training : Co-creating visualization concepts for training of fast-jet fighter pilots," The Journal of Defence Modeling and Simulation : Applications, Methodology, Technology, vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 219-231, 2019.

  55. Mendonça, Ismael - 2016 - Authoring visualizations of live musical performances: a lean development approach - Download full text (pdf)

  56. Leandersson, Viktor - 2016 - GENVO: GENE EVOLUTION VISUALIZATION: A 3D reconciliation software for phylogenies - Download full text (pdf)

  57. Blanco Paananen, Adrian - 2016 - Simulating High Detail Brush Painting on Mobile Devices: Using OpenGL, Data-Driven Modeling and GPU Computation - Download full text (pdf)

  58. Persson, Tomas - 2016 - Using visualization to support identification and assessment of threat of nearby adversaries: An aid for after action reviews in air combat simulation - Download full text (pdf) - related paper:

    1. S. Aronsson et al."Supporting after action review in simulator mission training : Co-creating visualization concepts for training of fast-jet fighter pilots," The Journal of Defence Modeling and Simulation : Applications, Methodology, Technology, vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 219-231, 2019.

  59. Horvath, Domonkos - 2016 - Interactive Semi-Ambient Display with Narrative Visualization - Download full text (pdf)

  60. Lagerberg, Evert - 2016 - Visualization-Aided Design of Water Infrastructures in Informal Settlements in Nairobi, Kenya - Download full text (pdf)

  61. Li, Xiaopeng - 2015 - Playful Advertising: In-Game Advertising for Virtual Reality Games - Download full text (pdf)

  62. Renström, Ida - 2015 - Evaluation of autostereoscopic 3D video for short-term exposure: produced using semiautomatic stereo-to-multiview conversion - Download full text (pdf)

  63. Daghlawi, Atie - 2015 - Upper body visualization - with an accelerometer - Download full text (pdf)

  64. Forchheimer, Susanne - 2015 - Visualizing Lifelogging Data Collected with a Wearable Camera: an investigation of and suggestions for its geographical representation - Download full text (pdf)

  65. Böstrom, Henrik - 2015 - An Overview of Real-Time Rigid Body Simulation Techniques, Collision Detection and a Comparative Analysis of Collision Detection Algorithms - Download full text (pdf)

  66. Griggio, Carla - 2015 - Canvas Dance: an interactive dance visualization to provoke contagious dancing behavior - Download full text (pdf) - related papers:

    1. C. Griggio and M. Romero, "A real-time dance visualization framework for the design of mappings that favor user appropriation," in ACM Womencourage,Uppsala University, Sweden, 24-26 September 2015, 2015.

    2. C. F. Griggio and M. Romero, "Canvas Dance : An Interactive Dance Visualization for Large-Group Interaction," in Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2015, pp. 379-382.

    3. C. Griggio, M. Romero and G. Leiva, "Towards an Interactive Dance Visualization for Inspiring Coordination Between Dancers," in CHI EA '15 Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2015, pp. 1513-1518.

  67. Tarandi, Andreas - 2014 - Surface data on dynamic topologies: A real time technology for topology independent storage of surface data - Download full text (pdf)

  68. Östlund, Sebastian - 2014 - Real time ray casting on voxel data - Download full text (pdf)

  69. Holmberg, Anton - 2014 - A perceptual model of facial expressions in stylized 3D characters - Download full text (pdf)

  70. Roth, Max - 2014 - Exploring freehand sketching in Augmented Reality - Download full text (pdf)

  71. Bertomeu, Ferran - 2014 - Towards Embodied Perspective: Exploring rst-person, stereoscopic, 4K, wall -sized rendering of embodied sculpting - Download full text (pdf) - related paper:

    1. M. Romero et al."Designing and Evaluating Embodied Sculpting : a Touching Experience," in Workshop on Tactile User Experience Evaluation Methods at CHI2014, 2014.

  72. Rasmuson, Joakim - 2013 - Flying Colors: toward more natural and intuitive 3D modeling - Download full text (pdf) - related activity:

    1. Anymaker ABB - startup with KTH Innovation and KTH Holding. Rasmusson - CEO. Romero - Scientific Advisor. Organization Number 

  73. Shin, Grace - 2011 - Visualizing children’s behavior using computer vision -  (Georgia Tech) - full text not available - related paper:

    1. G. Shin et al."VizKid : A Behavior Capture and Visualization System of Adult-child Interaction," in Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information : Interacting with Information - Volume Part II, 2011, pp. 190-198.

  74. Kesavan, Mukil - 2008 - Capturing human motion in indoor space using overhead cameras and aggregate adjacent frame difference (Georgia Tech) - full text not available - related papers:

    1. M. Romero, Z. Pousman and M. Mateas, "Alien Presence in the Home : The Design of Tableau Machine," Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, vol. 12, no. 5, pp. 373-382, 2008.

    2. Z. Pousman et al."Living with Tableau Machine : A Longitudinal Investigation of a Curious Domestic Intelligence," in Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing, 2008, pp. 370-379.

    3. A. M. Smith et al."Tableau Machine : A Creative Alien Presence.," in AAAI Spring Symposium : Creative Intelligent Systems, 2008, pp. 82-89.

    4. M. Romero, Z. Pousman and M. Mateas, "Tableau Machine : an Alien Presence in the Home," in Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems : CHI EA '06, 2006, pp. 1265-1270.

  75. Berrada, Dounia - 2007 - Automatic Administration of the Get and Go Test (Georgia Tech) - full text not available - related paper:

    1. D. Berrada et al."Automatic Administration of the Get Up and Go Test," in HealthNet'07 : Proceedings of the 1st ACM SIGMOBILE International Workshop on Systems and Networking Support for Healthcare and Assisted Living Environments, 2007, pp. 73-75.

PRAO Supervision

PRAO stands for praktisk arbetslivsorientering, or practical working life orientation. It is a service for high school students. The goal is to give young students a sample of a work environment. For more information, please visit the Region Stockholm PRAO page.

  1. Özenci, Elvin - 2017 - developing interactive graphics with Unity.
  2. Ramanujam, Pranav - 2015 - developing interactive online technologies.
Updated on June 18, 2024 by Mario Romero.