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Matilde Kautsky

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About me

Matilde Kautsky is an architect and PhD Candidate in Applied Urban Design at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. With a special interest within just cities, equal living conditions and social sustainability. The research focus on public space and children and how their assigned spaces like schoolyards, playgrounds and parks are distributed in the city.

Ongoin projects

  • Study of elementary schools and thier yards in Stockholm municipality.

The aim is to investigate to what extent and how schools are visible and how this may have implications for everyday life. How has the position of the school in the neighbourhood changed over time? How has this influenced the character of the school building and the size and quality of the school yard?

  • Study of preschool yards in Stockholm municipality

This study aims to answer questions of size and quality of the preschool yards in Stockholm. And adding to this, questions of distribution, equality and access. This study includes a collaboration with Stocholm municipality to develop methods for gathering data about the preschool yards.


Introduction to Urban Economics (AD2865), teacher | Course web

Sustainable Urban Planning and Design Studio 1.1- Textures (AD2867), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Matilde Kautsky