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Mauricio Sodré Ribeiro

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About me

Macro Algae - a step towards a bio-based society

Did you brush your teeth this morning? Do you like ice cream? Do you have a car and are interested in new technology in biofuels? Or do you simply love seafood? Want to know how all these things are connected? Then you probably will be interested in this project.

My research concerns creative industries works, focusing on products and processes for technological development and innovation such as bio-refineries in industrial clusters.

I started as a PhD Student at the Industrial Ecology division as part of the algae bio-based project which seeks to develop a new bio-based economy in Sweden. This is an interdisciplinary research which grows and uses algae for many different purposes in a closed-loop system that produces zero waste. A key aspect of this project is to assess the sustainability of the system. Everything is to be assessed, from the impact of algae farms on the environment to the benefits relative to the costs.