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Maria Carolina Gil Ribeiro

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Licenciat kandidat


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Om mig

Carolina Ribeiro is a PhD candidate at the Division of Energy Systems, ITM School. Her research focused on the decarbonization of urban transport systems, looking into energy and transport policy. At the moment, she is focused on the decarbonization of urban freight transports, more specifically on the diffusion of electric light commercial vehicles.

Since the beginning of her academic and professional career, her main interest and motivation were to contribute to urban sustainable development think about peoples’ quality of life and preserve natural resources.

Before pursuing a PhD degree, for 11 years, she worked in public and private companies, in Portugal. Her expertise lies in project management, urban transport and mobility, and strategic urban and regional planning. She worked as a transport and mobility expert at Parque Expo (2007 to 2013), a state-owned company devoted to strategic urban regeneration and urban planning. She was involved in both national (Portugal) and international projects (Angola, Algeria, Cape Verde, Egypt, Morocco, Mozambique), commissioned by local, regional and national public authorities, as well as by international organizations such as the European Investment Bank. Between 2014 and 2017, she worked at SPI, a private company engaged in areas that cover a wide variety of interdisciplinary projects, involving urban and regional planning, innovation and economic development and public-funded projects and programs.

Profilbild av Maria Carolina Gil Ribeiro