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Martin Erlandsson

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Martin has a PhD in building materials at KTH (2004) and a M.Sc. in Civ. Ing. The title of the thesis is: "A blueprint for sustainable consumption and design including performance requirements...” and comprised a system for sustainability assessment. He is currently working at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute as a team leader for the research group ‘Sustainable Buildings’. Martin is specialist in area of life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology, system analytic tools including environmental impact assessment methods and environmental management. Martin has about 25 years of experience from consultancy as well as scientific research in this field.

Martin has always been working with and has a special interest to live cycle assessment (LCA), environmental product declaration (EPD) and other environmental research. He was project leader for the development of a commercial LCA and life cycle costing (LCC) software for the building sector called Anavitor, for which he was honoured by the Innovation of the year in 2007 by SBUF (the construction industry's organisation for research and development). Martin was project leader of the work on so called product category rules (PCR) for the International EPD system that stipulate a horizontal methodology for all building products. He is also an expert in standardisation work and the related work related to sustainable buildings, i.e. CEN TC 350 and ISO TC59. He was engaged in the building and real estate Environmental Assessment Program conducting an LCA for the entire national building and real estate sector. Martin as approved as LCA reviewer in the International EPD system, EPD Norway and work as sub-consultant as third party accredited reviewer on LCA and EPD for DNV. Martin is part of the technical board of EPD Norway.

Current work covers for instance an impact assessment method for resource efficiency on energy wares that makes it possible to assess the sustainable use of renewable as well as fossil resources in the same scale Another current works is how to assess temporary storage of carbon sink from wooden biomass. Martin is the project leader of the national consensus project Robust LCA, where the goal is to establish a common LCA methodology for comparative assertion in general and with special focus on material selection of building products and conduction works. Martin also works with assessment of chemicals and has performed several LCAs for wood preservatives and competing materials. He was also involved in a Nordic project that will suggest how building products can be evaluated in respect to recycling and efficient use of natural resources, leaching of substances and environmental risk assessment.

Martin is affiliated to fms at KTH and gust teacher at Building Materials.


Byggnadsmaterial, fortsättningskurs (AF2301), lärare | Kurswebb

Profilbild av Martin Erlandsson