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Marie Louise Juul Sondergaard

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About me

Hi, I'm a Postdoc in Digital Women's Health at the department of Media Technology and Interaction Design at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. My research areas are research-through-design, feminist HCI, women's health, design fiction and speculative design.

Together with the Digital Women's Health research group, I'm researching and designing digital technologies around key areas of women's health, such as reproductive and sexual health. 

I completed my PhD in Interaction Design from Aarhus University, Denmark, in November 2018. My PhD dissertation titled "Staying with the Trouble through Design" contributes with a critical-feminist design methodology for designing intimate technologies. As part of my design research practice, I've worked with menstruation tracking, sex technologies, electromagnetic hypersensitivity and gendered voice assistants through co-design workshops, exhibitions, interviews and fieldwork. I've been a visiting researcher at Umeå Institute of Design and KYOTO Design Lab, worked cross-culturally in Denmark, Sweden and Japan and collaborated with high school students and people with physical disabilities in the exploring and design of intimate technologies.

Read more about me and see my portfolio on my personal website