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Nandi Moksnes

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Nandi is a PhD candidate at Division of Energy Systems. Her thesis focus on the Sustainable development goals (SDGs) and specifically on SDG 7. Different regions face different challenges to meet the SDG where exploring dynamics across different perspective is valuable for policy development. The doctoral project consists of modelling between scale and geographies with application within different methodologies e.g. scenario discovery, Open Source Spatial Electrification Toolkit (OnSSET) and Open Source energy Modelling SYStem (OSeMOSYS) . Focus is on understanding challenges and opportunities for regions (such as South America) and individual countries (such as Kenya) with underlying dynamics. Prior joining at KTH she worked at Ericsson for five years as Strategic Improvement Manager with big data discovery/analytics and project managing IT-development in Microsoft platform as well as process development within Supply. Nandi holds a Masters degree in Sustainable Energy Engineering and a degree of Master of Education (Mathematics and Civics).


Introduction to Energy Systems Analysis and Applications - Minor Course (MJ2381), teacher | Course web

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