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Nathalie Bergame

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Om mig

Commons, urban gardening, emancipatory change

My research interests lie in the critical study of processes underlying socio-spatial relations and the role urban commons play in mediating these relations in the urban realm. Drawing on Social Theory/ Feminist Theory /Critical Realism, I look to understand how commoning as social practice mediates structural and agential transformations, that reproduce or transform injustices and rights to the city. A particular interest of mine is to shine a light on the ways how women produce public space, how whiteness is reproduced in urban public space and how subjectivities are formed through the practice of commoning. 

In my empirical work, I explore the role that urban gardens in the City of Stockholm have (I) as a locus for emancipatory processes, (II) how and by whom public space is produced through gardening in common (III) and how structures and agency of commoners are transformed and reproduced through commoning practices and who is excluded in the production of public space.

My academic background that I draw upon for my research is grounded in the social sciences with a focus on sociology, human and political ecology, human geography. Beyond my empirical interest in nature-based urban commons, emancipation and justice, I have a strong interest in theory, philosophy of science, research ethics, and pedagogy. 

Network and seminars:

At my department (SEED) I organise the monthly PhD Seminar Series within the Subject of Planning and Decision Analysis. Contact me via email if you as a PhD student from another division or university would like to take part. 

Together with five colleagues from different universities in Sweden, I organise a Stockholm-based monthly Political Ecology seminar group as part of the POLLEN network. If you are interested in joining, please send me an email. 

I am also part of the network for Critical Realism Researchers in Scandinavia

Most recent contributions:

  • 2021: presentation at conference Dislocating Urban Studies on the role of commoning as emancipatory practice from a sociological and autoethnographic perspective
  • 2019: presentation at Nordic Geographers Meeting 2019 on the role of urban commons in reproducing and transforming a neoliberal urban environment.
  • 2019: presentation at day-conference on Just Urban Green on the genealogy of commons.


I have given lectures on the topics of urban commons through urban gardening, environmental and social justice at Uppsala University, and the Red Cross in Stockholm. 


I am supervised by Sara Borgström, Rebecka Milestad.

Supervision of master students: I am happy to receive requests for supervision on the topic of urban commons, urban feminist / political ecology, nature-society relationships, struggle and contradictions, and social and environmental justice. I am theoretically inclined but with a strong interest in the field. I have some experience of working as a pedagogical mentor for students with learning difficulties.  

Supervised theses: