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Niklas Löfgren

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Om mig

I am a postdoc at the Moveability Lab, Department of Mechanics since October 2019. The project that I am involved in will use Multi-objective optimization to create advanced gait models for individuals with neurologic impairment in order to predict individual treatment outcomes.

I recieved a BSc in physiotherapy in 2008 and an MSc in medical science in 2011, both at Karolinska Institutet. My Phd, which I completed in 2016 at Karolinska Institutet, included: the evaluation of gait and postural control in people with Parkinson's disease (particularly the impact of attention on gait), the development of a concept for improving gait and postural control in this population through highly challenging exercise, and the evaluation of this concept through an RCT.  

In 2017, I conducted a postdoc at Karolinska Institutet where the focus was to evaluate the implementation of the exercise concept into the Swedish healthcare system.
In 2017-2018 I conducted a post-doc at the University of Sydney where the aim was to develop a fallprevention regime, taking into account the interaction between physical ability, cognition, behavioural change, and environment.

I also work clinically at Karolinska University Hospital, within the field of neurology. I have clinical experience from treating individuals with, among others, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson´s disease.  

Profilbild av Niklas Löfgren