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Elisabetta Nocerino

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Om mig

I am a Ph.D student at KTH investigating energy materials using the powerful tools of Neutron Scattering, µSR and X-ray techniques. My educational path is quite peculiar because I have a High School leaving qualification in classical studies (so I studied ancient Greek and Latin) but also a Master Degree in Physics. I performed my master thesis in novel technologies for astroparticle detection at the University of Naples Federico II (Italy), with the screwdriver in one hand and the soldering iron in the other. My passions are ballet and Jazz dance, music, videogames ("The Legend of Zelda" saga is my very favourite), trips on the road, classical arts and pizza. 

My project is within the field of Condensed Matter Physics and it is aimed at the understanding and at the development of novel quantum materials for sustainable energy applications. In particular, it involves a comprehensive approach to realize and study both novel low-dimensional organometallic quantum magnets (”spin-LEGO”) as well as nano-structured energy-related compounds. The key-points of the project can be summarized as follows:

1. Sample synthesis of organo-metallic compounds will be done both virtually through a unique modeling database (OMDB) at Nordita, as well as in practice by setting up a dedicated organo-metallic synthesis laboratory (OMSL) at UU. Further, nano-structured energy materials will also be synthesized by our collaborators at ETH Zürich.

2. Samples will be investigate using neutron scattering focusing on magnetic excitations as well as ion-dynamics. Also, other state-of-the-art large-scale experimental methods (muons and x-rays) will be used.

3. Finally, the obtained experimental data will be used as materials informatics to refine the models and fed back into the OMDB to improve future virtual materials synthesis.