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Nuno Da Silva Marques

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About me

I am a Postdoctoral researcher at the Environmental Humanities Laboratory and a visiting researcher at the Center for Social Studies, Coimbra, Portugal, working with epistemological contributions of  ecopoetry to the environmental humanities.

My projectAir Epistemologies: Practices of Ecopoetry in Ibero American Atmospheresis funded by the Swedish Research Council, and focuses on breathing and suffocating in ecopoetry as creating embodied and situated knowledges that infiltrate Eurocentric and North American worldviews.

My Doctoral thesis on how ecopoetry emphasizes song, breathing and air as liberating atmospheric figures for communication and relationships with others and the planet, is available here.


PhD course “Critiques and Practices of Sustainability: Environmental Humanities Perspectives on Chilean and Swedish Ecocultures of Water, Land, and Air” within the ACCESS Chilean Swedish platform, with Andrea Casals Hill from Facultad de Letras, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and Azucena Castro from the Nordic Institute of Latin American Studies, at Stockholm University, Sweden .

I am a contributing editor at Venti - A journal and collective focused on examining the effects and affects of air.