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Publications by Oleksii Pasichnyi



Pasichnyi, O., Wallin, J. & Kordas, O. (2019). Data-driven building archetypes for urban building energy modelling. Energy, 181, 360-377.
Pasichnyi, O., Levihn, F., Shahrokni, H., Wallin, J. & Kordas, O. (2019). Data-driven strategic planning of building energy retrofitting : The case of Stockholm. Journal of Cleaner Production, 233, 546-560.
Pasichnyi, O., Wallin, J., Levihn, F., Shahrokni, H. & Kordas, O. (2019). Energy performance certificates — New opportunities for data-enabled urban energy policy instruments?. Energy Policy, 486-499.
Pereverza, K., Pasichnyi, O. & Kordas, O. (2019). Modular participatory backcasting : A unifying framework for strategic planning in the heating sector. Energy Policy, 124, 123-134.
Pereverza, K., Pasichnyi, O., Lazarevic, D. & Kordas, O. (2017). Strategic planning for sustainable heating in cities: A morphological method for scenario development and selection. Applied Energy, 186(Part 2), 1115-1125.
Zivkovic, M., Pereverza, K., Pasichnyi, O., Madzarevic, A., Ivezic, D. & Kordas, O. (2016). Exploring scenarios for more sustainable heating : The case of Nis, Serbia. Energy, 115, 1758-1770.

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Pasichnyi, O. (2020). Advancing urban analytics for energy transitions : Data-driven strategic planning for citywide building retrofitting (Doctoral thesis , KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, TRITA-ABE-DLT 2042). Retrieved from
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