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Publications by Oxana Samoteeva

Peer reviewed


B. E. Palm et al., "Designing a Heat Pump for Minimum Charge," IEA HPC newsletter, vol. 232, pp. 17-1§, 2005.

Conference papers

O. Samoteeva and B. Palm, "Boiling heat transfer and pressure drop in single rectangular microchannel," in Proceedings of the 13th International Heat Transfer Conference 13-18 August 2006, Sidney, Australia, 2006.
B. E. Palm et al., "Designing a Heat Pump for Minimum Charge of Refrigerant," in Proc. IEA Heat Pump Conference, Las Vegas, USA, June 2005, 2005.
W. P. D. Fernando et al., "The Behaviour of Small Capacity (5kW) Heat pump with Micro-Channelled Flat Tube Heat Exchangers," in IIRConf. 26-28 August, Stockholm, 2002.
W. P. D. Fernando et al., "Charge Distribution in a 5kW Heat Pump Using Propane as Working Fluid : Part 1: Experimental Investigation," in Proc. 16. Nordiske Kølemøde og 9. Nordiske Varmepumpedage29.-31. August 2001, 2001, p. 299.

Non-peer reviewed

Conference papers

O. Samoteeva et al., "Modelling of the amount of refrigerant and pressure drop in a rectangular copper microchannel evaporator," in Proceedings of Zero leakage-Minimum Charge IIR/IIF conference, Stockholm, August 2002, 2002.
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