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Priscila Costa Nascimento

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Om mig

I am a PhD student in the School of Industrial Engineering and Management, Department of Energy Technology, dedicated to developing solutions for a more reliable and sustainable electrical power system. With a focus on integrating Electric Vehicles (EVs) into distribution systems, I aim to help enhance grid stability, reduce carbon emissions, and minimize energy costs. My previous research experience during my master’s degree has given me a broad understanding of the possible impacts and technical solutions required to mitigate the negative impacts of EV charging on distribution systems.

As an Electrical Engineer from Brazil, I have witnessed firsthand the importance of having a reliable and sustainable energy system. My passion for this field drives me to make meaningful contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly by helping to achieve affordable and clean energy to make cities and communities more sustainable. Pursuing my PhD is an exciting opportunity for me to apply my expertise and skills towards helping to mitigate the negative effects of climate change by facilitating the deployment of EV charging infrastructure at a rate that does not hinder the electrification of the transport sector and ensuring a resilient electrical grid for future generations.


In addition to my research work (EVAccel project), I am also the web coordinator for my division at KTH (Heat and Power Technology) and a teaching assistant for the course MJ2505 Practical Optimization of Energy Networks (MJ2505).


Praktisk optimering av energinätverk (MJ2505), assistent | Kurswebb