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Pedro Henrique Cabral De Souza

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Brazilian researcher and Ph.D. student passionate about the production of renewable and sustainable energy. I am married to Larissa Rodrigues. Soli Deo Gloria.

I am a Ph.D. student in the Division of Process Technology of the Chemical Engineering Department of KTH since September 2022. My research is centered on the development of sustainable biomass thermochemical processes: pyrolysis, and gasification. More specifically, I work with ash management in fast-pyrolysis processes for the production of high-quality bio-oil from waste. On the gasification end, I work with the application of inorganic waste as bed material in gasifiers for the recovery of metallic species.

My Master´s degree in Chemical Engineering was obtained from UFMG (Brazil). In my research, I developed two solar reactors for biomass pyrolysis, characterized the pyrolytic behavior ofLuffa cylindricaand performed adsorption experiments with the obtained biochar.

I received my Chemical Engineering bachelor's degree from UFMG (Brazil), where I defended the bachelor thesis entitled: "Preparation and characterization of EVA/GO nanocomposites and EVA/GO modified for use as encapsulants in photovoltaic modules".

Profile picture of Pedro Henrique Cabral De Souza