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Patricia Kingdon

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About me

Patricia Kingdon is a PhD student in the research subject Education and Communication in the Technological Sciences. Her research focus is on recruitment to engineering in higher education. More specifically, she explores and scrutinizes the discourse surrounding the recruitment of students to engineering education and engineering students.

June 7 th,  2020 Patricia defends her licentiate thesis The making of the engineering student at KTH. The thesis includes two published papers. One is an article that examines the discourse surrounding engineering students, as communicated in a recruitment campaign for KTH. The other is an empirical study on upper secondary school pupils' views of engineering students and engineering education in higher education. In both

Other than being a PhD student Patricia work as an IT- pedagog and Learning designer at Karolinska University Hospital. Prior to this, she worked as a Learning designer at KTH and prior to that she worked as a teacher in media studies in upper secondary education and as a communication officer.